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We are collecting donations for those who are experiencing lost wages during this time. We are planning on giving to those who have donated produce as well as other places locally that are collecting funds around the city. 

We are hoping to raise as much as we can, if you have the means. Another way to give is to buy our "This Citrus Just Got Real" juice that is launching for giving purposes. You can also consider buying gift cards now, to spend later at various small businesses. We also sell gift cards, because we know you'll be back to redeem them! 

Other ways to support without spending money: Social media. It's a free way to share and advertise businesses you would like to see thrive in Madison again. Like the posts. Interact with the posts and business. Tell your friends about them. 

You can also help by contacting your local government office and push for assistance to save the Wisconsin hospitality industry. Without them, we would be a city with a lot less charm and less delicious food options. Let's show how we can spread love...not germs. 

**To donate: add item for $1.00 into your shopping cart, and type in the amount or use arrows up or down to adjust price, then update cart toward bottom of check out screen. **



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