Isn’t all juice raw?
No. In fact, most juices are not. Juices that are sold wholesale (such as those you buy in a grocery store) undergo a pasteurization technique called high pressure pasteurization, or HPP.  This process uses large amounts of pressure to reduce the microbial content in juice, which extends its shelf life by several weeks(!). The resulting product is a processed and essentially sterilized bottle of flavor.

We at Saints are passionate about the true juicing lifestyle - the raw juicing lifestyle. The purpose of juicing is to fill your body with live nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes that have been freshly extracted from fruit and vegetables. Synthetic extension of a juice’s shelf life drastically reduces the nutritional content of the juice, as live nutrients naturally have a limited life expectancy. The bottom line is that an HPP processed juice is not raw, and it is certainly not fresh.

 Why does your juice have such a short shelf life?
As noted above, all of our juices are 100% raw and unprocessed. They are filled with living nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes that naturally have a limited life expectancy and are highly perishable. We strongly recommend consuming your juice by the indicated expiration date.

 Why can’t my cold pressed juice be made to order?
Our hydraulic juice press is a commercial machine designed to produce cold pressed juices in batches - not individually. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate custom individual juice orders.  

 Does it matter in what order I drink my juices during a cleanse?
No, the order in which you drink your juices is a matter of preference and entirely up to you.

 Is it true that our bodies are more than capable of cleansing itself? If so, why would I juice cleanse?
It is true that our kidneys, liver, gut and skin are very good at eliminating toxins and waste from our bodies. However, sometimes our bodily systems just need a break and a chance to catch up.
When you juice cleanse you are not only providing your bodily systems an opportunity to rest repair itself - the time you spend juicing equates to time that you are not consuming processed goods. Instead, you are replacing them with precious nutrients. Better nutrition = better health no matter how you slice it.

 Can I substitute one of the juices in my cleanse?
Yes. If you are ordering a cleanse online we recommend simply building the cleanse individually (instead of ordering a preset cleanse pack) and swapping your juices of choice. Just remember that you should not order more than 3 days worth of juices at a time due to the shelf life of the juice. If you are calling in a cleanse order you can simply verbal your request.

Whether you are ordering online, calling in an order, or just swinging by our store, you are also more than welcome to go rogue and create your own custom cleanses.

 Will I be hungry during my juice cleanse?
While juice cleansing some people do experience temporary, light detox symptoms that can include: fatigue, cravings/hunger, headaches (particularly if you drink caffeine), changes in bowel function, and skin eruptions. Preparing for your juice cleanse (see Tips for Cleansing) and choosing the appropriate cleanse (The Novice for beginners, The Green Sweep for more experienced juicers) will help minimize the risk of detox symptoms.

 Why isn’t my juice 100% organic?
Our mission is to make fresh, raw juice accessible to everyone. Utilizing only organic products would result in drastic price increases on our juices and nut mylks - which would create an unacceptable hardship for many of our clients. The integrity of our juices is very important to us and we make a point of utilizing local distributors and farmers who engage in responsible farming practices.



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